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At McDonald Murholme, we understand that there is an inevitable imbalance between the power of the employer and the employee in the absence of a powerful union movement or professional employee association.

The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) gives the power back to the employee to ensure their employer follows the relevant laws. The employees are able to expose the employers who are in breach of the laws, allowing the employee an opportunity to apply for compensation where applicable.

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User Guide to the Fair Work Act

This is your best guide to the complex Fair Work Act. It makes navigating the act easy.

Accessing the Law

Lots of laws apply to you

Everyone's situation is different but...

Fair Work Act 2009 - protection and compensation

Read how this act applies to your situation.

Dealing with misleading conduct by your employer

The Competition and Consumer Act plays an important role...

Court Links

See a list of courts and other institutions.

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