If your job is no longer required to be performed by anyone, then your position has become redundant. This is often due to changes in the organisational structure and operational requirements of the workplace.

If you are made redundant, you are entitled to a redundancy payment that is proportionate to the length of your employment, ranging from 4 weeks to 12 weeks of pay.

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Can I be made redundant if my employer cannot afford to pay me when Jobkeeper ends?
How do I calculate my redundancy entitlement if the company I work for has changed?
Should I be consulted when my role is made redundant, and what impact does JobKeeper have on the consultation process?
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I work for the Victorian Public Sector and my position has just been declared a surplus. What are my rights? Will I be offered a Targeted Separation Package?

The declaration of a surplus of positions to departmental requirements is not to be used by the Department to deal with unsatisfactory performance or conduct, and you should not be unlawfully discriminated against.

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I believe I have been made redundant because of my age, what are my rights?

Business restructuring is a convenient tactic for some employers who are looking to reduce labour costs. Redundancies are common in the process of conducting structural changes, and the section process for determining who is made redundant can be unlawful if proper process and procedure is not followed.

My job has been automated and I no longer have a role, what are my rights?

My job has been automated and I no longer have a role, what are my rights?

 Where there has been a change in ‘operational requirements’, and your job is no longer required to be performed, your position becomes redundant. A change in operations requirements include circumstance in which a machine is available to do the job that was performed by you.

left a well-paying job for a new role, but am now being made redundant

I have left a well-paying job for a new role, but am now being made redundant. Do I have any legal recourse?

Even when a redundancy can be proved to be genuine, there may still be legal recourse in circumstances where your employer engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct.

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My company has lost a tender for a project I was employed under, am I entitled to a redundancy?

When an employee is hired for the purpose of a particular contract, loss of that contract can often result in loss of job, without redundancy.

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What processes should a company follow before making a redundancy payment to you?

If you believe your employer has unfairly or unjustly made your position redundant, it may have failed to follow procedural requirements surrounding the redundancy of your position. Your employer is obliged to follow a process prior to making the redundancy package payment.

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Am I entitled to be paid out my owed time in lieu upon being made redundant?

Being made redundant can be an incredibly stressful time for any employee.  With all the upheaval, it can be unclear what rights you have available to you as an employee. While the process of seeing through a redundancy can be quite complex, it is important to understand what you are entitled to in order to ensure you receive what you are duly owed.

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My workplace has been moved to an unreasonable location, am I entitled to a redundancy?

The assignment of a new work place location can place a burden on an employee in the form of time, cost or even where that employee can live. In circumstances where an employee is worse off due to a relocation that employee may be entitled to claim a redundancy entitlement.

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